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New South Wales bushfires from Space

ACRES satellite images have been successfully acquired from a range of sensors over the recent bushfires in New South Wales. The most detailed images captured were from the SPOT satellite.

The image shown here is a mosaic of 8 SPOT scenes covering about 120km wide and 240km long, stretching from Wyong in the north to Jervis Bay in the south.

Healthy vegetation shows as bright red, forest as dark red, ocean and lakes as dark blue, burnt areas as black and smoke as white.

Satellite imagery is a useful fire management tool that can be used in a number of ways. In the lead up to the fire season, authorities can use imagery to assess fuel loads and to update older topographic maps to plan access points and fire breaks.

During prolonged fires like the ones just experienced, imagery may be used to track the progress of fire fronts in near real time to aid in emergency management. After the fires have been extinguished, imagery is also an excellent tool to for evaluation and damage assessment. The full resolution imagery of the fires from a variety of sensors is available from Geoscience Australia and our ACRES Distributors Australia wide.