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New set of TerraSAR-X images now available

Berlin, Germany, August 9, 2007: German DLR space agency distributed a series of new images from commercial TerraSAR-X satellite with the meter resolution, demonstrating potential areas of applications. German Infoterra GmbH, offering radar images of the new TerraSAR-X satellite worldwide informed, a new series of VHR images acquired from the new TerraSAR-X satellite on their official website and other partner companies website like ScanEx. TerraSAR-X satellite was launched from the Baikonur site onboard Dnepr-1 launch vehicle on June 15, 2007. The new series present 15 images of different parts of the Earth, acquired in July 2007 using combinations of different imaging, spatial resolution and polarization modes.

The images can be accessed here