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New SCOP++ software from INPHO

INPHO GmbH, Stuttgart, has announced that it has released SCOP++, the latest version of the SCOP digital terrain modeling software.

SCOP++ is a software for easy and effective handling of very large DTM projects and it is extremely well suited to a multitude of applications. It has an object oriented modular structure and a new graphical user interface, and it provides major improvements and changes in comparison with the previous SCOP versions. INPHO’s development partner for SCOP++ is the Institute of Photogrammetry, Technical University Vienna (Prof. Kraus).

SCOP++ TopDM module is primarily designed for managing nation-wide digital elevation information – including terrain models, primary data and meta data , but it is well suited for smaller engineering offices, too, for managing different types of DTM projects. Furthemore, TopDM provides excellent support for coordinate transformations between different map projections as well as a wide variety of datum transformations.