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New rules of conduct for GIS professionals unveiled by GIS Certification Institute

Park Ridge, Illinois, USA, 31 October 2006 – The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) has recently unveiled a supplement to its Code of Ethics entitled Rules of Conduct. The GISCI Code of Ethics presents a set of principles toward which professionals must continually strive.

The Rules of Conduct is a set of implementing laws of professional practice that seek to express the primary examples of ethical behavior consistent with the Code of Ethics. Both the Code and the Rules govern ethical professional practice standards, and violations of each may be brought before the GISCI Ethics Committee for punitive action. The Rules of Conduct are available on the GISCI website at: .

“The adoption of the Rules of Conduct represents a major step forward in enhancing the view of GIS as a respected profession,” said Geney Terry, GISP Chair of the GISCI Ethics Committee. “The development of the certification program and the Code of Ethics were significant achievements in their own right. However, I see the Rules of Conduct as a notice to the public that GISPs have high standards by which we will perform our duties and that we can be counted on to provide ethical and professional service.

She continued, “If a GISP violates the Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct, that person not only affects their own professional standing, but potentially affects the profession as a whole. I like to think of all GISPs as banded together with the common goal of promoting and protecting our profession. The Rules are our roadmap to achieve that goal.”

GISCI is committed to making ethics more than a professional buzzword. Therefore, GISCI holds its Certified Geographic Information Systems Professionals (GISPs) to higher ethical standards through the Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct.

These documents represent a way of living a professional life, beyond simple guidelines for behaving at work. Achieving the GISP certification is an initial milestone on the path to being recognized as a professional. Living the ethical life of a professional is a daily test that will present numerous challenges for which the Code and Rules offer a guide to decision making.

GISCI wants to enforce the principle that GISPs put their credential at risk with each professional exchange. Earning professional GIS certification means GISPs acknowledge and welcome this risk. They voluntarily agree to operate under ethical principles designed to guide their professional interactions and career development. GISPs found guilty of ethical violations may be faced with a range of penalties from private admonishment to public censure to removal of the GISP credential. These penalties are designed to educate the GISP in regards to their unethical behavior and to prevent similar situations from recurring.

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