New Relic revamps Software Analytics Cloud for smooth IT operations

New Relic revamps Software Analytics Cloud for smooth IT operations


US: Software analytics company New Relic announced a set of new features across the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud that can offer IT operations teams increased visibility, and the ability to diagnose and resolve performance problems quickly. The new features will further enhance IT operations teams’ ability to leverage data and analytics, as well as drive collaboration and a common, shared understanding between teams.

Software teams are under pressure to resolve performance issues quickly and improve availability, as the complexity of software architectures they manage ranges from more traditional on-premises IT systems to those now including public cloud. The New Relic Software Analytics Cloud provides a comprehensive monitoring platform allowing software teams to work together to monitor from different perspectives for any technology stack.

“The New Relic Software Analytics Cloud was developed with the belief that sharing data between development and operations teams also drives a shared understanding by removing subjectivity, enabling clearer accountability and fundamentally changing the way teams interact and collaborate,” said Bharath Gowda, Senior Director, Product Marketing, New Relic.

“These new features for New Relic APM, New Relic Synthetics, and New Relic Browser provide even more comprehensive data and analytics capabilities for not only the technical stack, but also the customer experience, which can empower software teams to build and run high quality software with less risk.”

Source: New Relic