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New release of the Trident-3D analyst software-version 3.0

Geo-3D is releasing a new version of the Trident-3D Analyst software. Geo-3D is a Montreal-based company in Canada, offering software products and services in the field of geomatics and geographic information technologies. The software version 3.0 includes visual road sign library option to easily find MUTCD and other sign codes, on-the-fly calibration to verify heading of installed cameras, geo-referenced vocal recordings with Kronos, which may now be played back with Trident-3D Analyst software and thematic display in overview map (to distinguish objects of a same layer e.g. road sections). Other features include new auto-polyline and modifications to drawing features, new AVI extraction tools (sub-clip generation), a new GPS View window and a batch function to recompute objects location pursuant to modifications applicable to camera calibration and/or configuration parameters.

Trident-3D Analyst is a soft-copy photogrammetric tool for the analysis of digital images captured with horizontally oriented camera systems. Trident-3D Analyst has the capability of working in static or temporal stereo-base mode. Its tight integration with GIS tools makes it a powerful GIS data collection tool to inventory roadside infrastructure assets.