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New project helps Nova Scotia become energy self-sufficient

Halifax, USA, 4 July, 2007: Green Power Labs and Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) will assess the solar energy resource in the region. A satellite data-based software tool will be developed to create detailed solar resource maps for learning and commercial applications in Nova Scotia, and around the world. The solar map will provide direction about where and how to find efficient solar energy sources throughout Nova Scotia.

The research project, which is valued at $40,000, is funded by the Nova Scotia Office of Economic Development.Green Power’s solar energy calculation model, GIS and obtaining data from satellite images expertise. And NSCC’s expertise is in geomatics, software development, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) will help in evaluating the availability of solar energy resources and their development potential which together define feasibility of solar applications at a particular location. The project is expected to be completed in October 2006.