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New operation centre to be set up to tackle disasters in India

The opening of an Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) at the Union Home Ministry recently aims at obviating delays in management of man-made crises like riots that threaten internal security.

Home Minister, Shivraj Patil formally opened the IOC and stated that its real worth and purpose can be gauged only through a closer scrutiny. The IOC is equipped with the latest communication equipment that would monitor all incoming security-related data and also facilitate rapid-fire directions to officials across the country in times of crisis. The latter part of the task would be done through two separate audio and video conferencing systems. Helping in decision making would be an Electronic Control Map (ECM) system capable of handling 20 maps and GIS application maps in soft copies for display on projectors.

Managing internal security is under the overall task of Disaster Management, including both natural and man-made disasters. The government is also working on a national legislation on these lines, to be emulated by the states coming up with their own legislations.