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New open platform for big data visualisation unveiled

US: The world”s most advanced data visualisation portal, Collaborate.org, was unveiled at the Seattle-based Future in Review conference. With 2.2 million layers of data, Collaborate.org allows users to see geographically located real-time visual information of all kinds: All major RSS feeds, all inbound and outbound air traffic in the US, college degrees by nation, real time tweets as they”re sent, live television, NASA satellite inputs, satellite imagery, aerial photography, economic factors around the world, tracking of air and water quality etc.

“We want to harness the collective knowledge of the online global community, sharing expertise and enthusiasm,” said company CEO Kevin Montgomery. “We are providing worldwide geospatial infrastructure to empower people.” Collaborate.org grew out of Intelesense, a company headed by Montgomery that provides monitoring products for wireless sensor networks and a spatial data exchange.

Collaborate.org is built around World Wind, an open-source, spatial visualization platform developed by NASA. Google Earth doesn”t allow for the global community to contribute data or modify the code.

Source: CNET & Crosscut