New navigation app by INRIX can sail you through traffic

New navigation app by INRIX can sail you through traffic


US: Seattle-based company, INRIX has introduced a smartphone app that gathers real-time traffic information and provides that data to the navigation system built into your car's dashboard. The 10-year-old company, INRIX has branched out a free smartphone app called INRIX Traffic, which uses machine-learning to understand the driver's habits and interests and plan each route accordingly.

The smart app provides turn-by-turn direction assistance to driver; something which is common in popular GPS apps, like Google Maps or Waze. It sources traffic, accident, and construction information from government and police sources. According to Steve Banfield, CEO, INRIX, what is unique about INRIX Traffic is, "you can set up an account and it starts learning right away."

Moreover, the app keeps track of which locations you visit with frequency and adds them to its favourite list. It builds a log of what days out of the week you make the trip and when you like to go. Banfield says in just days INRIX Traffic would understand, for example, that you like to stop at Dunkin' Donuts on your morning commute, and it would launch navigation without any input.

If you have an afternoon appointment in the city, INRIX Traffic is designed to notify you shortly before it's time to leave while taking traffic into account so that you reach your destination on time. It also integrates with your contacts, so users can send an estimated time of arrival to a significant other or co-worker.

"It's an assistant that makes driving easier because it minimizes set-up," Banfield says. "You're not the one having to push all the buttons."

Source: TechInsider