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New Navigation API from AtlasCT

Ramat-Gan, Israel, February 4 – AtlasCT announced the release of its new Navigation API, the advanced navigation API for easy development of Java ME navigation and location based mobile applications. AtlasCT will present the new Navigation API at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 16-19 February. Atlas Navigation API offers tools for adding full turn-by-turn GPS navigation capability to any mobile application on a wide range of mobile devices, in zero efforts and no GIS skills.

Some of the basic features of the Navigation API are:

• Top quality 3D maps and satellite imagery.
• Display navigation route, current position and direction.
• Attaching the map to the current device location.
• Textual and visual route description.
• Visual and vocal guidance in real time.
• Re-routing according to real location.

Information about distance and ETA (estimated time of arrival) from target and maneuvers during the navigation.

All of these features are provided on top of the basic capabilities Atlas Mobile API, including:

• Interactive maps with world coverage, allowing zooming, panning and dragging.
• Search addresses, points-of-Interest (POIs) and driving directions.
• Custom layers and dynamic content display.
• Keypad and touch screen support.
• Extendable Plug-ins and Widgets based framework.
• Rich multimedia management.

The Mobile API is compatible with Java ME (J2ME) mobile phones and smartphones on 2G-3.5G and has a long track record of success running on Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, LG and more devices.