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New mosaics of Moscow on open access

Russia–Yandex.Maps geo-service, having the most complete map of Russia on the Internet, now offers a new mosaic of satellite images for the territory of Moscow and nearest Moscow Region with an option to display a hybrid layer of satellite images and maps. ScanEx Center specialists prepared a mosaic based on QuickBird (0.6 m resolution) and IKONOS (0.8 m resolution) images of 2008. The unique experience of combining two types of satellite data enabled to cover the area of over 10 000 square km with highly-detailed images in one season. Now Yandex.Maps web-service has the most updated and detailed satellite-based mosaics of the Russian capital among similar geo-services.
In addition to the new mosaic of Moscow and Moscow Region, the Yandex.Maps resource published a new address map of Velikiy Novgorod this April (down to every house and its postal address). It has been created based on satellite imagery provided by ScanEx R&D Center.