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New Mining Policy Pitches for GIS Tech

The draft policy on scientific mining released by the State Planning Board Kochi, India proposes to encourage geomapping of mineral resources in the state and minimising of environmental damage. The fast-track mapping will be undertaken by Mining and Geology Department, designated as the nodal agency, in cooperation with the state unit of the Geological Survey of India and other competent agencies.

“The Mining and Geology Department should design, implement and maintain a GIS-based geo database of all the extractable mineral/rock resources, and operating and abandoned mines and quarries. All quarriable and minable resources of the state in a geodatabase should be published on the website,” states the policy document.

The new Scientific Mining Policy describes itself as a three legged stool. “Leg one is uninterrupted supply of extracted natural materials like mineral, rock and value added products – the essential inputs in mineral based industries and in keeping and making modern infra-structure. The second leg is minimising the environmental damage, while the third one is minimising the social impact of M and Q operations,” said the policy released on Monday. The policy also aims at stimulating a 5 per cent in Gross State Domestic Product on account of mining activity by augmenting investments in the sector through private participation.

Joy N R, Chief, Industry and Infrastructure Division, Planning Board, said it was possible to match environmental responsibility and the increasing demand for minerals. “There should not be too much excavation that damages the ecosystem and the area of mining should be restored to the old condition after mining which should be scientific,” he said.

Source: New Indian Express