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New milestone for RapidEye archive

Australia: Satellite imagery coverage over Western Australia (WA) has increased significantly in the past four months. The WA archive of RapidEye satellite imagery has surpassed 1.75 million square km. Almost 3,000 RapidEye image tiles with less than 20% cloud cover were acquired this year alone over Western Australia.

Agencies so far purchasing the 5m orthocorrected RapidEye data over WA have been from the private sector. The new RapidEye Background Capture for WA will involve continued acquisition over important agricultural, mining and ecologically sensitive and significant areas, to provide land managers and decision-makers with the content necessary for accurate and effective monitoring, measurement and mapping support.

The major benefits of RapidEye are its broad area coverage, rapid data capture rates using its 5 identical satellites, uniform pixel size in all 5 spectral bands and its red edge sensing capability. This unique combination of benefits creates a valuable new data source for evaluation and application.

Source: AAMGroup