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New members for Satellite Industry Association

US: Satellite Industry Association (SIA) announced that two new companies have joined the organisation: Orbital Sciences Corporation and Segovia, Inc.

“The manufacturing and launch expertise that Orbital brings and the seasoned track-record in satellite services from Segovia will not only enhance the scope of SIA’s growing membership but also deepen our expertise in key policy matters affecting the satellite industry,” said, Patricia Cooper, President, SIA.

Orbital Sciences Corporation is known for development, manufacturing and operation of small- and medium-class satellites and rockets. Its satellite products serve a full spectrum of customers, addressing the markets for commercial communications, Earth and space science, and military and intelligence space systems. Its launch vehicles are used to launch company-built and other satellites, weighing up to approximately 12,000 lbs., into low-Earth orbit.

Segovia, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Inmarsat plc, is known for providing secure, global communication solutions to the public and private sectors.

SIA is a US-based trade association providing worldwide representation of the leading satellite operators, service providers, manufacturers, launch services providers, remote sensing operators, and ground equipment suppliers.

Source: SIA