Home News New maps of Colombia will have over 80 thousand symbols for orientation

New maps of Colombia will have over 80 thousand symbols for orientation

Thus assured the Geographic Institute Agustín Codazzi (IGAC) in his first lecture at the VII World Urban Forum, UN Habitat, where they addressed issues related to contributions over Colombian cities face to tourism development.

The Institute has selected the theme of tourism development as one of its themes treated in the event, through the lecture “The cities in Colombia face to tourism development and its contribution to urban planning.” The Assistant Director of Geography and Cartography IGAC, Claudia Sepúlveda, in her presentation, assured that in the short term, the tourist information service in construction designs will offer a georeferenced database, getting to build new maps more than 80,000 points and ranked appropriately symbolized, which includes attractions, services and infrastructure ready for the tourist.

“Another goal of IGAC is to standardize the tourist conventions for all publications, as well as the institutionalization of the graphical representation. We also plan to have information in different languages, and leverage social networks to captivate, get to know and inform the user, and not just sell”, said Sepúlveda.

Other topics addressed in the IGAC’s lecture were the symbolism and the multi-timing (monitoring and recording changes in the territory and a greater density of thematic information). “Tourism mobilizes the increasingly travellers from all over the world to places that have local influence, which is why it’s necessary to have information about the places of tourist interest to promote the access to knowledge for development. We can not plan if we do not know the citizens needs”, highlighted Sepúlveda.

Source: IGAC