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New Mapping Tools from Intergraph and TerraGo Tech

Intergraph Corporation and TerraGo Technologies have announced that versions of MAP2PDF have been jointly developed for Intergraph product lines, GeoMedia and Digital Cartographic Studio (DCS). In addition, the two companies have entered into a worldwide distribution agreement that allows Intergraph and its partners to resell MAP2PDF for Intergraph products. MAP2PDF is a mapping solution that allows GIS professionals to share complex, georegistered, geospatial data with non-technical professionals across the enterprise in PDF. MAP2PDF for DCS and MAP2PDF for GeoMedia are used to export geospatial data from GeoMedia or DCS to a georegistered PDF with layers and feature attributes. This GeoPDF can be easily distributed and used in connected or disconnected modes with TerraGo’s free Adobe Reader software. Users are able to view maps, turn layers on and off, query attributes, display coordinates, GPS track. MAP2PDF for DCS or GeoMedia is available through Intergraph, Intergraph reseller partners or from TerraGo Technologies. Intergraph Corporation is the global provider of spatial information management (SIM) software. TerraGo Technologies is the provider of mapping solutions that leverage the Adobe PDF.