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New mapping service for the Australian Capital Territory

A new mapping service has been developed by the Department of Urban Services in Canberra, Australia, called Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Locate. This new service is to be used by urban planners, developers and resource managers for various mapping and spatial information applications pertaining to Canberra, Australia’s capital – users will also have access to QuickBird satellite imagery provided by DigitalGlobe and partner Sinclair Knight Merz.

The user may opt for a QuickBird satellite image-based background upon which maps and spatial information are overlaid. Showing such features as sidewalks, individual trees and parking lot lines, the 60-centimeter resolution of the QuickBird images puts the maps’ lines and polygons into context and adds a new dimension to the user’s visualization experience.

At this site users can:
-Search for and locate on a map a feature such as a property address, road, block,etc.;
-Create your own customised map by selecting only the information which is important to you;
-Print your map on your local printer;
-Get information related to a feature such as the address of a block or the classification of a road;
-Measure a distance, select overlapping features and more, using the advanced tools.