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New MapInfo Location Services for Directory Enquiries Providers

MapInfo, a provider of location intelligence for the enterprise announced the availability of its Operator Assisted Information Service (OAIS), a mapping solution for the Directory Enquiries sector. Featuring country specific data, MapInfo OAIS is currently available in Great Britain and enables Directory Enquiries providers to see a geographical representation of location relevant data, thereby improving the quality of content delivered to customers. The solution provides the infrastructure to offer customers a new range of SMS, MMS or email services.

MapInfo OAIS works by layering an interactive mapping function upon existing databases. As an intranet-based solution, Directory Enquiries customer service operatives will be better equipped to answer ‘Where is my nearest…’, ‘What is around me…’ and ‘How do I get there…’ type questions, by visually identifying the location of the caller and then matching that location with the requested data, quickly and easily.

According to Simon de la Hoyde, Strategic Market Manager for Telecommunications, MapInfo Europe, “The very nature of the Directory Enquiries market is heavily reliant on location based data. Currently Directory Enquiries operators have a very database centric view of data. The OAIS provides clear location information using interactive maps, addressing and routing functions. By adding a spatial element to directory listings databases, service delivery within the Directory Enquiries sector can be significantly improved, enhancing the customers’ experience. In this fiercely competitive space, customer experience and satisfaction will be the key to success.”

Importantly, MapInfo OAIS will also enable Directory Enquiries providers to create new services, thereby increasing revenues. Customers can call an operator to request directory style information for a specified location. The operator will be able to provide the customer with the resultant information in a variety of formats such as SMS, MMS, WAP, web or email.

“The main problem that 118 providers in the UK face, is how to cost effectively implement the right value-added services to incrementally increase revenue per caller. Although 118 providers operate different revenue models, the MapInfo OAIS can be customised to ensure that each can benefit from a location-based application. This could be the ability to provide data to the customer via SMS, MMS, WAP, web or email. Alternatively this can take the form of a map based interface assisting customer service operatives in processing calls more quickly and successfully,” adds Simon de la Hoyde.