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New magazine

A new magazine, Asian Surveying and Mapping, has been launched for the Asian spatial industry. It will be published by Alexandria, Australia — South Pacific Science Press Intl Pty Ltd, the publishers of Position Magazine It will address issues of interest to professionals in the fields of surveying, mapping, GIS, remote sensing and positioning. It will look at the ways in which data is collected, managed and used. In particular, it will publish articles on:

  • Issues surrounding the collection of data by space-based, aerial and terrestrial systems,
  • Software, information technology and electronic communications methodologies that underlie data management and dissemination,
  • Social, environmental and economic consequences of those decisions

    The magazine will be a mix of case studies of existing operations in the Asian region and descriptions of new technologies and the issues around them. These articles are being sourced from Asia and generally written by the people doing the work.

    For further information on submitting editorial or placing advertising please email [email protected]