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New layers boost Britain’s most detailed map data

Ordnance Survey has announced a vital new series of digital map layers for its revolutionary OS MasterMap product as part of a multi-million pound investment.

Addresses and an integrated transport network will be the first to come on stream this year as Ordnance Survey and its partners accelerate the development of Britain’s most detailed, intelligent and accessible map data.

Work also continues in developing additional datasets for points of interest and imagery as previously announced. Further layers are being added to provide administrative boundaries, building and ground height, land use, and pre-build data will be added over the next two years,.

The new layers build on the first release of OSMasterMap, the topographic layer, incorporating nine themes, and together will offer a completely integrated and interlinked geographical framework to help customers support their businesses. The enhancements will offer unprecedented synergy in the way geographic information is used by Central and Local government, utilities, retailers, Mobile telcos and ASPs, and the property and financial sectors.

Unlike earlier very detailed digital map data, OS MasterMap provides continuous, seamless mapping of the whole of Britain from which users can pick and mix the precise areas and themes they need:

  • The integrated transport network will build on the existing success of Ordnance Survey’s road network product with details on driver restriction information. Companies involved in asset tracking, fleet management and logistics can check traffic restrictions affecting their desired routes. It offers an ideal base for the development of navigation systems and other location based services. Future developments in this layer will include dedicated links to tracks and paths, railways and water routes.
  • The address layer will provide up-to-date geo referenced address dataset of Britain. It will offer an automatic link between address geography and buildings displayed on other OS MasterMap layers. It is aimed at customers needing pinpoint accuracy of homes and businesses. They include government, insurers, marketing companies, and property professionals such as architects, engineers and surveyors.
  • Among other layers, points of interest will be a key source of help for companies developing directories and other services on the emerging mobile internet. They can use it to build solutions to answer consumer questions such as: where is my nearest petrol station? and how much is it selling unleaded fuel for today?