New Jersey Transit selects MapText

New Jersey Transit selects MapText


Plainsboro, USA, October 23, 2007: NJ TRANSIT, New Jersey’s public transportation company, adopted Intergraph Corporation’s GeoMedia WebMap software for its dynamic bus-route-planning application. Label-Web is being used by NJ TRANSIT to generate labels for map features displayed in an intranet web-based map application. The application is designed to display NJT bus route alignments and bus stop locations throughout the NJT service area.

Label-Web, working in conjunction with GeoMedia WebMap, is used to quickly and aesthetically annotate background features including streets, land-use entities, and highways (via placement of route shields) as well as NJ TRANSIT infrastructure features including railroads, railroad stations, and bus time-points. Label-Web configuration files allow the NJT staff to maintain label consistency and clarity on the maps. End-users are able to quickly produce detailed, informative maps at any scale or map extent of their choice.

With Label-Web, users can have aesthetic maps of the highest cartographic quality in a dynamic on-the-fly manner. The software places text in accordance with established cartographic rules, and achieves aesthetic, high-quality label placement to enhance rapid visual comprehension. Label-Web can be easily integrated into a server-side script by adding a few lines of code to include the Label-Web application and initiate the text placement.

“We are proud to have been selected by the nation’s third largest provider of public transportation services. We are looking forward to further assist NJ Transit in making their web-map-based planning services more efficient and user-friendly,” Rishi Mehra, MapText’s Director of Sales & Business Development, commented.