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New Jersey senate passes bill on driverless vehicle

US, October 30, 2014: A New Jersey Senate panel has shown a green flag to a bill that would allow driverless cars to operate in the state. The state Senate Transportation Committee unanimously passed legislation sponsored by Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean to make New Jersey a hub for the development, testing and implementation of driverless vehicles.

Senator Keen introduced the Senate bill 734, which would make New Jersey the third U.S. state —and the first in the densely populated, fast-paced North East Region — to permit the testing of and licensing for autonomous vehicles, in June 2013.

Introducing the bill, he said that about 90% of traffic crashes are caused by human error and the implementation of driverless vehicles would promise to drastically decrease traffic-related deaths and injuries. The Senator added that autonomous vehicles can also offer a more sufficient and flexible avenue of transportation for the disabled and senior citizens who may not have access to public transportation or who may not be fit to drive.

In October, Senator Nicholas Sacco (D-Bergen, Hudson) signed on as co-prime sponsor of this legislation, which mandated the state Motor Vehicle Commission to establish standards for licensing autonomous vehicles, or any operated by artificial intelligence, sensors, GPS systems or any other self-driving technologies. The Commission is currently working on regulations authorising the use of autonomous vehicles, and create rules covering safety, testing, insurance, registration and operation.

Source: CBS Local