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New Israel spy satellite beams first images

Jerusalem, Israel, April 30 – The Israeli spy satellite Eros B on April 30 transmitted back images of “excellent” quality, The Jerusalem Post reported. Eros B, which was placed in orbit on April 25 from a Siberian missile base atop a Russian rocket, aims to monitor Iranian nuclear project and other key defense developments, together with two other Israeli satellites, the report said. ImageSat, the company which launched the satellite, labelled the project a success citing the high quality of the photos.

“We see people walking in streets (in the photos), not to mention cars traveling,” the report quoted ImageSat’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shimon Eckhaus as saying. Objects, which are at least 70 cm apart, can be distinguished in the satellite pictures. This indicates a marked improvement in satellite technology. The satellite launched by the company some five years ago could only distinguish between objects at least 1.5 meters apart. “The satellite can get a shot of any spot in the world, not just of nuclear reactors in Iran, but also of reactors in New Zealand,” said Eckhaus. The CEO went on to say that “there’s no place of which it can not take a picture. Is there terror only in Iran? What about in Sudan? We also have a picture of an air force base in Sudan.”