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New info management sys for South Atlantic Environment institute

US: The South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI) has unveiled a new programme, the South Atlantic Information Management System and Geographic Information System (GIS) Centre, which officially binds the UK South Atlantic Overseas Territories in SAERI”s South Atlantic scope that ranges from the equator down to the ice.

The Centre is funded by the FCO via the UK”s Joint Nature Conservation Committee.

Falkland Islands Governor Nigel Haywood commented “This is very exciting news. The development of robust information systems is vital in underpinning environmental research in the South Atlantic.

“This project will enable us to assemble baseline information, manage knowledge and establish linkages to enhance even further the outstanding scientific work already being done in the region.”

St Helena Governor Mark Capes added “St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha warmly welcome this exciting opportunity to work with our friends in the Falkland Islands on this valuable project, which provides a fine template for further co-operation in our South Atlantic Community.”

Source: Penguin News