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New IDEF Portal, Argentina

Visit the new site of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Province of Formosa (in Spanish IDEF) here. You can also find it on Facebook as IDEF – SDI Formosa or on Twitter as @IDEFormosa, where news on the Portal, SDI, GIS software, and development tools related issues are published periodically. IDEF Map Viewer is a web application that displays information of both IDEF nodes and external WMS published layers.

It has tools for navigation, search, measurement, printing, metadata access and others that allow queries and/or geographic information analysis. The site also features a series of basic instructions as a reference for organizations that start as IDEF nodes, including some specific characteristics of gvSIG, or how to access WMS services and connect to a PostGIS database, among others. As it is today the IDEF has seven member institutions.

Source: IDERA Dissemination/GSDI