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New GPS-enabled Blackberry 7520 to be supported by Roaming Messenger

Roaming Messenger, providers of a breakthrough mobile messaging technology have announced that the company will be supporting the new GPS-enabled BlackBerry 7520 from Research in Motion (RIM) operating on the Nextel network. The BlackBerry 7520 is representative of a new generation of GPS-enabled smart mobile devices.

The BlackBerry 7520 features GPS technology with E911 support. It also incorporates Bluetooth technology for hands-free, wireless communications using Bluetooth-enabled headsets and car kits. The BlackBerry 7520 provides a true mobile office experience, enabling phone, Direct Connect, email and data applications in a single integrated device. It operates on Nextel’s guaranteed all-digital network to provide mobile professionals the freedom to access information and communicate while away from the office.

Market demand and device availability, such as the BlackBerry 7520, has put GPS functionality on the feature list of the Roaming Messenger Platform. By incorporating GPS functionality into the Roaming Messenger Platform, smart interactive messengers can be made “location aware” to facilitate various location based applications and services.

GPS adds a very powerful dimension to the meaning of mobility. Mobility allows users to move around with their wireless devices, but GPS allows back-office applications to know where those users are at any given time. There are many applications that can be enhanced by real-time GPS information. In addition to E911 applications where 911 call centers can obtain the location of callers, other applications such as public safety, emergency response, field service management, sales force management, fleet management, and mobile commerce can take advantage of location based services of the Roaming Messenger Platform.