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New GIS software links external databases to ESRI ArcIMS

Freeance has become a solution for building Web mapping applications using ArcIMS. Freeance release 3.0 has brought to ArcIMS the power of linking live, external databases and relating records to Web mapping features. This makes it possible to use ArcIMS for many of the same GIS operations as desktop ArcGIS. Implementing Freeance with ArcIMS allows for quick and easy database feature linking, understandable database searches and custom formatted result reports building whether for display, mailing labels, spreadsheets, or other specialized formats.

The target market for Freeance is GIS and IMS administrators in local, state and federal government who are looking to create and distribute powerful GIS applications without incurring the cost and time of programming or maintaining desktop GIS applications. These administrators understand the power of allowing end users to search and report on mapping and enterprise databases from a Web platform.

Freeance also includes a set of mapping tools normally found only in desktop GIS and not in ArcIMS. Freeance users report that they have found more uses for ArcIMS than they ever thought possible and that they are able to implement Freeance/ArcIMS applications almost as fast as they design them.