New geospatial data e-Commerce and data management solutions from East View Cartographic

New geospatial data e-Commerce and data management solutions from East View Cartographic


USA, 25 January 2007 – East View Cartographic (EVC) today announced the release of two new solution offerings: MetaLog – Geospatial Data Management Solution, and MetaLog Store – Geospatial Data E-Commerce Solution.

Each solution product is available as a turnkey system or hosted service from East View Cartographic. The solutions are designed to support diverse geospatial information holdings and collections including satellite imagery, aerial photography, maps of all types, vector data, as well as publications such as books and atlases.

According to Ron McCoy, Director of Business Development for EVC, “The global archive of geospatial information products increases each year at tremendous proportions. Vastly more intuitive yet robust methods to organize and manage data are needed. Traditional GIS addresses only a part of this need. As for conducting geospatial data e-commerce, our observation is that no one in the industry has yet mastered this. One reason may be that the skill sets required to acquire or produce geospatial data are distinct from those needed to enable sales of data via e-commerce.” Both of EVC’s solution products center on addressing the core issue of effectively managing medium to large sized collections of geospatial data assets.

Highlights of the MetaLog geospatial metadata management solution includes functionality allowing users to:
– Centrally catalog all types of geospatial data owned or accessible to the organization
– Quickly and easily locate geospatial data using your choice of multiple search and browse methods (e.g., coordinates, geoname, country/region, et. al.)
– Maximize knowledge of assets the organization already possesses
– Visualize data asset availability over any identified area of interest worldwide
– Plan for future data acquisitions; prevent redundant purchases and acquisitions

EVC’s MetaLog Store geospatial data e-commerce solution supports the needs of users wanting to:
– Promote and sell geospatial data products online — worldwide 24/7
– Increase web driven lead and inquiry generation
– Differentiate their organization from competitors having minimal or no e-commerce capabilities
– Visualize data asset availability over any local, regional, or worldwide area of interest through dynamically generated base and index maps
– Improve search engine recognition of their products, and more

– About EVC
East View Cartographic (EVC) is a leading provider of authoritative worldwide maps, geospatial data, as well as GIS services and solutions. Since the company’s origins in the early 1990s, EVC has acquired a vast archive of global maps and geospatial data, including topographic maps, DEMS, imagery, vector data, geological maps, nautical charts, and related atlases and books. The company’s extensive map and geospatial data supplier contact network allows quick access to products not in inventory. In addition, EVC provides high-quality, cost-effective mapping and GIS services and solutions to support the production of new geospatial products, custom modification of existing data, and electronic organization of data. To browse and purchase products online visit EVC Store at