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New geologic maps released for Los Angeles

US: The new geological maps released for Los Angeles could delay the multi-million dollar development plans for the city. The new maps show some buildings are much closer to active earthquake faults than city officials initially thought.

"The features that indicate there has been active faulting are relatively subtle and they can be obliterated quite easily," said Dr. Tony Garcia, professor of geology at Cal Poly adding, "Especially if you build an entire city on top of it."

Garcia says it's not surprising these new maps are revealing fault zones in California.

"It's the technology that's made it possible," said Garcia. "We've gotten better at remote sensing subsurface areas so you can detect faults more effectively," he added.

California Geological Survey officials say that each geological map costs approximately $250,000 to complete. In total, there are 553 geological maps currently available in California.

Current California law prohibits new construction within these zones unless a comprehensive geologic investigation shows that the fault does not pose a hazard to the proposed structure.

Source: KSBY