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New geo-localisation tool for Álava, Spain

Spain: The Álava/Araba provincial government in Spain has presented Alavamap, a new geo-localisation tool, designed to identify the main location and socioeconomic data of companies in the province, through the Internet.

This is an innovative project led by the provincial agency, the Álava/Araba Development Agency and drawn up by the Department of Applied Economics of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), which facilitates the information about industrial land within the province, independently of its management bodies (AAD, Sprilur, Gilsa, town halls, and so on). This GIS will provide an integrated vision of the productive activity of the province. The cartographic tool has a search engine that enables locating businesses by various means: 30 areas, 51 municipalities and 2,752 companies.

Moreover, Alavamap enables downloading GPS coordinates in three formats and is open to updating.

Source: Basque Research