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New GDT commercial data available on Geography Network

ESRI, the leading developer of geographic information system (GIS) software, has announced that new commercial data from Geographic Data Technology, Inc. (GDT), has been added to the Geography Network’s extensive collection of georeferenced data. The Geography Network ( www.geographynetwork.com) is a framework for building and launching a commercial data distribution mechanism over the Internet.

GDT’s geographic map databases are used for location-based applications in a number of key markets. GDT’s additions to the Geography Network include Dynamap/2000® version 12.0, U.S. Street Data, U.S. Street Map Service, and Canadian Street Map Service.
Dynamap/2000 version 12.0 is a database containing more than 14 million addressed street segments along with postal boundaries, landmarks, and water features. Geography Network users can now download up to 12 ZIP Codes worth of data at a time from GDT’s premier street network database.

The GDT U.S. Street Map Service provides a detailed street basemap for the United States. The map service is based on GDT’s premier street network database, Dynamap/2000.
The Dynamap/2002 Canada CompuStreets/2002® Map Service provides a detailed street basemap for Canada. The map service is based on CompuStreets, the definitive line of digital street files for Canada, which was designed to support critical micromarketing and sociodemographic segmentation needs. CompuStreets provides a thorough map of the urban and rural landscape of Canada. It includes extensive, detailed, and current street information that can be used to plan, analyze, and display strategic initiatives. CompuStreets includes the entire Canadian road fabric containing 1,265,616 records, 912,310 named streets, and 626,664 addressed streets.

GDT data is used for routing, Web mapping, emergency response, in-car navigation, site selection, risk analysis, facilities management, and a host of other applications. By accessing the database through the Geography Network, users can be assured of instant access to the most current version of GDT data.