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New FME release from Safe Software to support raster data

British Columbia, Canada, 07 May 2007: With the unveiling of FME 2007, Safe Software announced that the company’s translation and transformation platform for vector data will include Spatial ETL capability for raster data.

“FME 2007 provides raster and vector integration capability that has long been missing from the GIS professional’s toolkit,” said Don Murray, Safe Software’s Co-Founder. He continued, “With FME 2007, GIS professionals can now work with both raster and vector data within one complete spatial ETL solution. Using the familiar FME Workbench interface, FME users who need to work with raster data can now extract, transform, and load capabilities that were previously only available for vector data. You could say that FME 2007 effectively gives raster data the vector treatment.”

According to Don Murray, FME 2007 represents “one of the most significant product releases in the history of Safe Softwares.” “Taken together, FME 2007 includes over 1800 enhancements, three times more than FME 2006 GB.”

FME 2007 supports over 20 new formats, new raster formats include: HDF4/HDF4-EOS ASTER/Hyperion formats, ERDAS Raw, and RadarSAT2. A WMS reader is also included in FME. Newly added vector capability includes read-only support for ASPRS LIDAR Data Exchange Format, in addition to read and write support for the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM 4.5), GeoRSS feeds, and GeoConcept, a format used extensively in France.

FME 2007 ESRI Edition will include support for ArcGIS Engine and Server deployments while Autodesk users can now take advantage of the FME FDO Provider that is included in this release. Enhanced Spatial ETL capability for loading raster data into Oracle 10g and ArcSDE will improve workflow efficiencies for both Oracle and ESRI users.

Safe Software is the maker of FME, a spatial ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) platform that enables translation, transformation, and web-based distribution of geospatial data in over 190 GIS, CAD, raster and database formats. FME is used in government, the utilities sector, and resource industries including mining, oil and gas, and forestry. For more information on FME 2007 and FME’s Raster Capability visit www.safe.com/2007.