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New flood guide for Australia

Australia: An agreement has been signed between Geoscience Australia and Engineers Australia to complete a revision of the Australian Rainfall and Runoff guide. The agreement forms part of a four-year programme to increase the quality, consistency and accessibility of flood risk information in response to the Natural Disaster Insurance Review.

Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson said the guide formed part of a suite of products, including maps of historic floods derived from satellite imagery and a national flood portal providing a single point of access to flood studies, to be developed by Geoscience Australia.

“The Australian Rainfall and Runoff guide is a significant source of technical information used by engineers to determine the degree to which a particular area is flood-prone,” Ferguson said.

“These flood studies provide fundamental information needed for planning our communities, planning emergency response, and for the design and construction of major infrastructure including roads and bridges.”

He said since the guide was last updated in 1987, new approaches to catchment and flood modelling had been developed and a significant volume of new data about rainfall and runoff patterns had been collected.

“The new guide will enable engineers to develop more accurate and detailed flood studies, and will enable them to consider the potential impact of climate-induced changes to rainfall and river flow patterns,” Ferguson said.

“The improved flood studies will enable emergency managers to plan and respond more effectively to floods, and will allow engineers and planners to make informed decisions about construction requirements and the location of homes and infrastructure,” he added.

Source: PS News