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New European mapping from Satmap

UK: There are two major new continental mapping developments from Satmap – a customised mapping service for six European countries and a new Transalp map which covers a selection of popular alpine areas at various scales.

Site-Centred Mapping

The customised mapping service means one can now purchase a site-centred map not only for the UK, but also for Austria, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. The scale is 1:25K for all countries except Austria where only 1:50K scale data is available.

A new Satmap web tool means one can preview the map before purchase and make any changes necessary. All one has to do is to simply enter the centre point of the map as a latitude and longitude coordinate along with the size and the tool will automatically generate an outline of the map.

Transalp Map

The second new development is the launch of the Transalp Map which covers an area of 93,000 square kilometers including the key mountain ranges in Germany, Austria and Italy with map scales varying from 1:54K to 1:7K.

Source: Outdoors News