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New ER Mapper 6.3 release breaks the Terabyte barrier

July 2002 Earth Resource Mapping is has announced the release of ER Mapper 6.3. The latest version of the company’s flagship product is specifically tuned to mosaic, colour balance and compress Terabyte (TB) size image mosaics. Users also have the ability to perform sophisticated and detailed image processing and image delivery processes including contour extraction and change detection.

Utilizing the geospatial’s industry standard Enhanced Compressed Wavelet (ECW) technology, ER Mapper 6.3 provides users with the capability to compress terabytes of images to a manageable size. For example, a mosaic of 5,000 air photos, each 300MB in size, can be reduced from 1.5TB (1,500GB) to just 30GB of compressed imagery in the ECW format. ER Mapper’s unique automatic colour balancing wizard ensures seamless blending of images.

Other new features include Shape File export/import support, Aster Processing Wizard, support for Windows XP, a new dynamic DXF Export feature, enhanced compression and balancing routines, support for the latest satellite data formats, enhanced map projection support and other general product enhancements.

New ER Mapper 6.3 features include:

  • Extensive performance and OS tuning for TB size mosaics with tens of thousands of images.
  • No changes to the ECW image file format – images remain fully compatible with all the popular GIS and CAD products supporting ECW.
  • Enhancements in: Compression, Balancing and Map Collar Wizards
  • Shape File Import and Export – imports and export ESRI shapefiles to and from the ER Mapper .erv vector format.
  • Support for Windows XP – ER Mapper is now fully supported on the Windows XP operating system.
  • Export Raster Translator module – this will enable the standard ER Mapper “save as” functionality to be run in batch mode from the batch engine or as a separate process.
  • HDF import wizard – this will import the following products in batch or single file.
    Aster – Level1A, Level1B, Brightness Temperature, Emmisivity, Surface Reflectance, Surface Kinetic Temperature, Surface Radiance TIR, Surface Radiance VNIR/SWIR, DEM, Decorrelation Stretch, Landsat 7 ETM+ (Level1R and 1G), MODIS (Level1A) Level1B support to be added
  • EOSDIS Version 0
  • SPOT Vegetation
  • Aster Processing Wizard – displays, processes, integrates, models and compares Aster imagery within ER Mapper.
  • Spectral Angle Mapper Formula – carries out a supervised classification on multi-spectral data.
  • Datums and Projections:
    – Datum change between WGS84 and TOKYO
    – Argentinean datum
    – Florida North projection (L2FLANF83)
    – Greek datum and projection
    – State Plane projection
    – Teale Albers projection
    – Michigan GeoRef projection (MICH_GEOREF)
    – British Columbia Albers Standard Projection