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New distribution strategy for DigitalGlobe

High-resolution remote sensing company DigitalGlobe is to form a new company, DigitalGlobe Asia. The decision was announced to business partners during a meeting in Singapore on 24 February.

DigitalGlobe is based in the US. It owns and operates the QuickBird optical imaging satellite. The satellite has a resolution of better than a metre under good conditions. In a change to their Asian distribution strategy, DigitalGlobe and Hitachi Software, DigitalGlobe’s distributor in Asia, have agreed to allow DigitalGlobe Asia non-exclusive distribution throughout Asia. This means DigitalGlobe Asia will compete with other companies for business in the region. The deal does not include Japan, where Hitachi will retain exclusive rights. Resellers who previously obtained data from Hitachi will now become customers of DigitalGlobe Asia.

DigitalGlobe Asia will have offices in Singapore by mid 2004. Until that time, resellers will communicate directly with DigitalGlobe’s headquarters in Colorado, US. DigitalGlobe Asia represents the start of a new investment by the company in the region. It matches the support arrangements of its main rival, Space Imaging, which also has an office in Singapore.