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New director for Indonesian Space Agency

Jakarta, Indonesia: Bambang Setiawan Tejasukmana is appointed as Director of National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN), Indonesia. He replaced Adi Sadewo Salatun who retired in January. The new director said he would develop more synergised cooperation with other related institutions.

Bambang said LAPAN’s programmes would require a lot of cooperation. The programmes include launching of rockets and satellites and the use of radar and remote sensing technologies. There is also a draft law on national aeronautics to be proposed.

He said that the rocket, termed RX550, would hopefully become the basis of a satellite launch in Indonesia. LAPAN will also launch two micro-satellites that are still in the development stage. “We will also launch our equatorial observation satellite,” Bambang said, adding that a similar satellite would be launched by India this year.

He said LAPAN was preparing a food security satellite, which would monitor paddy fields and forested areas. For satellites and radar with higher capacities, LAPAN will cooperate with its foreign counterparts to monitor ships and illegal fishing in the area.

However, Bambang said the implementation of the programs would depend on government approval since they required a lot of financial support.

Source: The Jakarta Post