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New digital state leaders emerge from e-government study

The New Year is starting off with a bang for two states. Illinois and Kansas have just been crowned the 2001 e-government leaders among all states by one of the nation’s most respected and recognized studies, the Digital State Survey. Illinois and Kansas share the No. 1 spot after a yearlong examination of the 50 states and their utilization of digital technologies to deliver services to citizens. Conducted by the Centre for Digital Government and The Progress & Freedom Foundation (PFF), this fourth annual, four-part study measured eight distinct sectors of digital technologies in state government: law enforcement and the courts, social services, e-commerce/business regulation, taxation/revenue, digital democracy, management/administration, education and GIS/transportation. Scores from all four surveys were recently combined and tallied. Each state received a ranking based on its overall score. The No. 1 ranking has special meaning and significance for both states. Illinois moved up from the previous year’s fourth place ranking and Kansas from second place, displacing three-time consecutive winner, Washington, which moved to third position. Kansas Chief Information Officer Don Heiman, who has been the champion behind his state’s digital technology initiatives for over two decades, announced he would be retiring in February. He departs after receiving this top honour.