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New digital maps for Japan

Japan – GeoMarketing recently updated and expanded its digital map set for Japan. The revised map set includes, for the first time, a map with coverage of the country’s approximately 950 three-digit postal code districts as well as a map featuring 10,000 city points.

Together the maps comprise the most comprehensive digital map set available for postal and administrative districts in Japan. The map set is available in all common data formats and includes Japanese and international name attributions.

Digital postal code maps provide companies with a solid foundation for sales territory and expansion planning. In conjunction with a geomarketing software application, the maps allow companies to visualize their company and market data through the use of the postcodes associated with this information.

This straightforward but powerful technique gives companies the ability to reveal their customer distribution, branch location turnover volume and market potential on insight-generating digital maps.

Due to frequently changing postal and administrative boundaries, up-to-date data and accurate maps are required in order to carry out this process successfully. For example, Japan’s municipal boundaries have undergone numerous reforms in recent years.

Since the year 2000, the number of municipalities has almost halved to the current count of 1,983 (as of 1.1.2008). The revised administrative map for Japan reflects these changes.

The city maps have also been completely revised and expanded: featuring more than 10,000 city points depicted according to the number of inhabitants, these maps provide an ideal orientation tool.

New additions to the revised map set for Japan include maps of the rail network, airports and elevation levels.

Particularly notable is the map set’s increased level of detail: all of GfK GeoMarketing’s maps are vector-based, meaning that they allow limitless zooming. As a result, the achievable detail for many locations is comparable to a traditional printed map at a scale of 1:50,000. This level of detail is a prerequisite for using the maps in other digital environments.

“The superb level of detail that characterizes the Japan map set is particularly apparent when viewing the coastlines,” says Klaus Dittmann, director of GfK GeoMarketing’s cartography division. “Satellite imagery was used as a basis for all of the new maps, allowing for an optimal level of detail and precision.”

“In conjunction with a geomarketing software application, digital maps featuring postcode and administrative boundaries constitute one of the most important tools for a company’s planning, controlling and sales needs, particularly in an international context,” adds Wolfram Scholz, managing director of GfK

GeoMarketing. “Worldwide sales territories can only be accurately visualized, planned or optimized with the help of precise, up-to-date and high-quality digital maps as well as a high-performing geomarketing software application.

The new map set for Japan provides our customers with an immensely reliable and up-to-date foundation for achieving success in this important market.”