New digital mapping website launched by Government of Bermuda

New digital mapping website launched by Government of Bermuda


Bermuda, 19 November 2006 – The Government of Bermuda has launched a new digital mapping website called Bermuda Maps ( The site will allow people to see Bermuda from the air and to interact with map data.

“People in Bermuda might not realise it, but they are most probably using GIS already,” said Designate Director of E-Government, David Astwood, in a Press release on the launch. “Bermuda has one of the highest rates of IT usage in the world. We are very switched on to technology. More of us are using computers, cell phones and electronic organisers at work and home. However, with the launch of Bermuda Maps, people can view the Island in a whole new way,” he added.

“GIS’ usefulness lies in its flexibility,” said Senior Land Surveyor at the Ministry of Works and Engineering, Peter Hopkin. “It is possible to customise your own personal map, leave out the elements you are not interested in, change the scale at will and plot your own map if you need it,” he said.

Among the current uses for the technology are mapping of incidences of mosquito breeding (Department of Environmental Health), helping to assess land tax (Department of Land Valuation), arranging and recording Planning applications (Department of Planning), collecting and recording information on Bermuda’s plants and animals (Department of Conservation Services Biodiversity Project) as well as its use for Emergency Services call outs and responses.