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New device helps worried parents track children

A new child tracking device called the Amber Alert GPS V3, has solved the problems of numerous parents who are worried about their children’s’ security by keeping them notified of the current location of their children. 

The device gives parents the ability to form “Zones” around their home, neighbourhood, school etc. and receive an email or text alert whenever their child enters or exits a Zone. The V3 also combines its tracking with the National Sex Offender database, which can alert parents in case their child is within a certain distance of a registered sex offender’s home.

Besides, the device also has an SOS button that children can press if they need help and the parents can track the exact location of their child. Other features of the Amber Alert V3 include speed alerts, “bread-crumbing,” which shows where users have been at specified intervals during the day and one-way voice monitoring. 

The V3 device can be controlled through a computer or wireless phone and is integrated with a secure online portal that was created with parents in mind. It is easy to use, set alerts and receive the information you need most.

“Every parent wants to know their child is safe,” said Glenn Lurie, president of emerging devices, AT&T. “Embedding wireless connectivity into this tracking device equips parents with the ability to monitor and track the location of their children. This is innovation at its best – providing a solution and peace of mind.”

Source: DirectionsMag