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New desktop delivery for large-scale mapping

Ordnance Survey has introduced a nationwide network of retail outlets that delivers customised site maps straight to building professionals’ desktops. Ordnance Survey Options outlets stock the national mapping agency’s complete range of business graphic products, available in store or accessed by customers through a dedicated web browser.

The outlets are exclusive suppliers of large-scale Siteplan, Landplan and Superplan map data and printed plots, widely used by building professionals, architects and engineers for site location, planning applications, conveyancing, project planning and land management.

Customers can choose from paper plots or digital data, depending on whether they need hard copies to take to a building site or to view and manipulate on screen in a CAD system. Each outlet’s fully trained, knowledgeable staff offer a view-before-you-buy service, helping customers visiting their store to select their data on screen and to customise it before purchasing as a printout or data file.