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New Delhi’s live traffic updates by year-end

New Delhi, India: A high-tech surveillance system will provide live feeds of New Delhi and National Capital Region’s (NCR) traffic. Modalities are being worked out to post feeds on the Noida authority website. For those already driving, such information can be obtained on the phone too. The authority will start a toll-free number by the end of this year.

“Cameras would be mounted at vantage points, entry points, main crossings, market and public places to be monitored round-the-clock by a state-of-the-art control room. We will be integrating the data and mapping it with GIS technology,” said, Mohinder Singh, chairman of the authority.

“Real-time feeds will tell traffic cops where their presence and action is needed. In case of major snarls, commuters will also be briefed on alternative routes,” Singh added. Such facilities are available in countries such as Philippines.

The surveillance system will also help in overall traffic management and, during construction of flyovers and underpasses, traffic cops would get real-time assessment before deciding on diversions. This will save commuters from getting stuck in jams.

Source: Hindustan Times