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New data source for housing associations in the UK

UK: A new source of high quality address data is now available to housing associations across England that enables compatibility with the National Register of Social Housing (NROSH). With the increasing importance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Housing Associations, the NLPG data has another key advantage in that each record contains an accurate geographic reference, which allows for precise plotting of housing stock in GIS.

Mike Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager at Aligned Assets said, “The use of GIS opens up a wealth of information to Housing Associations such as flood risk, housing need against supply, the mapping of energy efficiency and decent homes standards, analysis of rent arrears and the dispersal of dwelling size/type.”

Further, he added, “Using data from the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) allows for each property to be mapped individually, which gives a far higher level of value to the use of GIS.”

Whilst other commercially-available address data can only be purchased in large, regional areas, the NLPG prices start from as little as GBP 660 per District Council.  What this means is that the NLPG data is not only the best available, but through Aligned Assets, is now the most cost effective.

Source: Aligned Assets