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New data licensing best practices guide available Online

The Data Licensing Guide Working Group, on behalf of GeoConnections, has issued version two of The Dissemination of Government Geographic Data-Best Practices Guide. This updated version of the Best Practices Guide enhances the initial version in several ways. First, it expands the types of licensing templates commonly used in Canada. As with the first version, you’ll find licensing templates for the end-user model, the reseller model, and the value-added reseller model. But you now get an unrestricted-use model template as well.

Second, the new guide reflects the rapid development and technological advances in web-based services, distributed computing, and other user applications. In other words, the revised guide is more Internet friendly and intuitive. It also accommodates changes in government data dissemination policy.

And finally, the new version offers standard legal clauses that allow you to customize your data-licensing agreements, should you want. These clauses deal with topics such as intellectual property rights, source protection and acknowledgment, fees, royalties, reporting, representations, warranties, and indemnities.

These additions make it easier for you to design solid agreements that reflect your special circumstances.

A Collaborative and Ongoing Process

Version 2 of the Guide was developed based on consultations with government departments and agencies involved in producing, using, and licensing government geographic data, as well as input from the Canadian geomatics industry.

In addition, the Working Group capitalized on input from Version 1 readers to refine the document. That’s why you’ll find a feedback form in the guide to propose changes to subsequent versions. With your help, the guide will remain a valuable information asset for the geospatial data-licensing community.