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New constituencies in Kenya to be identified

Kenya: Names and boundaries of 290 constituencies proposed in the new Kenyan constitution will be made public in three months time. Andrew Ligale, the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission (IIBRC) chairman, said that the commission is zoning off areas that require special attention such as cities, sparsely populated areas and others that face geographical challenges, as set out in the new constitution.

He also said that the commission has set up GIS laboratory for data analysis and has also employed the latest information technology to survey, produce maps and create an accessible digitalised database.

IIBRC intends to beat the deadline of its mandate by gazetting the names and geographical boundaries of the new constituencies before November 27th when their term expires.

“The boundaries we delimit will be valid for eight to twelve years. We feel privileged to be part of launching this great country into the future by implementing the new constitution,” Ligale said.

Source: KBC