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New coastal remote sensing network to bet set up along East China Sea

Shanghai Fishery University will team up with the US National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration to create a coastal remote sensor network that will monitor fishery resources and forecast natural disasters in the East China Sea. The network, China CoastWatch, is a satellite system that collects real-time basic data about the ocean environment – such as water temperatures, tide directions and wind velocity – and transfer it to a ground receiving station for analysis. Researchers say the information will help them make conclusions about ocean resources along the coast, including fish migration routes, and predict typhoons and other climate phenomena.

All of the environment monitoring conclusions will be put on the internet for free public use, but information about fish migration will be sold to fishery companies. With the new monitoring network, most of the fish movements and natural disasters, like red tides and typhoon, could be precisely forecasted. Currently, no similar remote sensing coastal system exists in the country. The program will be launched in December, and the first phase is expected to be completed next January. Besides, the State Oceanic Administration and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will also join the project by monitoring the northern Yellow Sea and South China Sea.