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New CloudCities brings procedural terrain and advanced search

US: CloudCities has announced an update to bring procedural terrains and advanced search features to the terrains. The new CloudCities is now available at cloudcities.io.

CloudCities is a Cloud Platform for Building Insights. CloudCities helps architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals and their clients learn from their data. It dramatically simplifies creating 3D plans and combining data with it.

With the new version, models can be immersed in beautiful terrains which load extremely fast as they are generated procedurally. Furthermore, this new release brings advanced search functions with color mapping.

Introducing the CloudCities Terrains

Our most exciting new feature is the inclusion of procedural terrains. Instead of downloading complex 3D terrain models which can be very slow, the 3D terrain is generated on the fly in your browser based on an elevation service.

CloudCities only needs to download a single light-weight height map image and automatically converts this into complex 3D terrains. In other words, complex and visually attractive terrains can be displayed seconds after the viewer opens the 3D scene. No long loading times, no cumbersome terrain tiling.

An added benefit is that these terrains can be modified on-the-fly. Color schemes can be altered depending on the climate and the time of year, i.e., snowy mountain tops can be displayed for a winter-time rendering. All of these options are now easily accessible from the scene editor.

Advanced Search

CloudCities has been updated with the most advanced search tool yet. Search is now available both while viewing and while editing, and comes with the following exciting new features:

  • Choose the highlight color for your search results.
  • Search specific attributes directly.
  • Advanced search conditions (e.g., contains, equals, greater than) as well as search ranges.
  • Combine multiple search conditions (e.g., “Building Type equals Apartment AND Build Year > 2000”)
  • Apply a color map to the results

The search button has been kept as intuitive and simple as possible. More complex settings only appear as needed while entering the search conditions.

Advanced Snapshots

The snapshots have been extended to now also include search queries. A CloudCities snapshot can contain a camera view, layer settings, date and time settings, as well as a search query. Users can now individually fine tune theses settings, and enable and disable them as needed.

Deep Links

Share links to CloudCities scenes can now contain additional parameters to set the camera view, layer settings, and date and time settings. These options are directly available in the new share dialog. Users can share an exact view of the scene by sending a link.