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New cartographic base brings detailed information of Paraná

The Institute of Lands, Mapping and Geosciences (ITCG) announced on Tuesday (01) the new political and administrative cartographic base of Paraná, Brazil. The new mapping, with a more detailed scale, shows municipal borders adjusted to the official digital base, as well as corrects cartographic inaccuracies, implements revisions made ​​by demand from municipalities and stakeholders and becomes the official base for state public institutions in managing territory.

The annual publication of the cartographic base and the calculation of municipal areas has been conducted since 2002. The product used to be reviewed, however, contained several mistakes.

“Today it is possible to have more accurate and specific information. There are still some confusing stretches, but not in the same proportion as the previous base”, said director of Geosciences, Gislene Lessa.

The new cartographic base is published on the ITCG website. The available file also have the option of redirecting the image to Google Earth.

DEMARCATION MANAGEMENT – A management system of municipal demarcation is being developed to make the review process more effective.

The tool will sort approximately 3,500 stretches of border, allowing to identify whether the limit is a highway or a water course, the legislation defining the stretch, whether geographical names are certified by the Geographical Names Project of Paraná and whether there are still doubts on demarcation.

The system is also supported by a partnership with the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) – Department of Geomatics. University students do internship at the Institute, so their course completion project can have border analysis as a subject area. The process is an exchange of information.

The first course completion project was completed in 2013 and by the end of this year another one should be finalized.

Source: Governo do Estado do Paraná